Apparel Partnership


1. Additional Brand Exposure

2. Additional Income

3. No costs to Start

4. Direct Ship handled by Our POD Partner


We invite DJs, Dancers, Promoters, Musicians, Producers, Sponsors, and others in the House Music Community to partner with our apparel program. By selling online T-Shirts and other apparel, we can gain additional exposure and income for both our brands.

Note: Must have a sizeable social media fan base


1. Your slogan/logo on the front of the T-Shirt and our logo on the back or arm sleeve (as you see fit).

2. Our T-Shirt design (you choose) on the front and your logo on the back.

To Get Started

1. Contact us via the contact form

2. We will send you a link to submit your logo and slogan

3. You will be forwarded a mock-up of the apparel designs for approval

4. The mark-up will be an agreed-upon price

5. Market and advertise to your fan base on your social media platforms

6. Get paid 50/50 monthly